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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 23, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> catherine:a pair of toddlers missing for two days in san francisco. where they turned up and what we have learned about their disappearance. >> catherine:we take you to the scene of the latest violent carjacking in the east bay. the criminals targeting women. the video has gone viral now school administrators react to this substitute teacher's meltdown >> catherine:and it's national puppy day. we share your pictures of your favorite pooches in a full hour of your choce for prime time news. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine:now at 8. missing for more than 48 hours. then found -- at a san francisco hospital. >> catherine:tonight two east bay toddlers are safe. good evening i'm catherine heenan. >> catherine:we first broke the story this afternoon on kron four dot com. but questions remain about where the kids were for two days. >> catherine:kron-4's j-r stone is following the developments tonight. he joins us live from san francisco. >> reporter:catherine it appears they were with a caretaker but as to where she took them.that is unknown this evening. this is 2 year old mekaylah jones and her sister 14 month old renyce young. both reported safe and sound late wednesday afternoon after turning up at st. francis hospital in san francisco. their mom was unaware of
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their whereabouts for 2 days. >>--to go an entire day i can't imagine the feeling of that >> reporter:their 26 year old mom shanyce jones was last seen with the two toddlers in this surveillance photo. it was taken monday at 2:30 am at the carl's junior fast westfield in san francisco. jones told police she then left her children with this woman "jacquita" monday around lunch time at a burger king restaurant and she hadn't seen them since. >> reporter:saying she was supposed to pick them up later monday but was latethen tuesday but "jacquita" never showed. officers spent much of wednesday searching the tenderloin for the kids. 135 minutes after police put out these pictures the two toddlers and jacquita arrived at st. francis hospital. >>-- so we're just very fortunate and very happy that the two toddlers were returned safely. this woman is just a person of interest we're not saying she is a suspect. she did remain at the scene and she is cooperating with police. >> reporter:as for the mother here. charges and narcotics charges. live in san francisco, j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> catherine: thank you, j.r.
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>> catherine:new at eight. two women were targeted in two separate car-jackings in the east bay. one incident was in the parking lot of an apartment complex in unincorporated contra costa county. >> catherine:not far from the pleasant hill bart station. the other -- in a denny's parking lot on willow pass road in concord. >> catherine:and, that's where we find kron four's philippe djegal live explain what happened. >> catherine:philippe.? >> reporter:the victim's in both cases were women. and, it appears both women were alone when they were confronted. luckily, neither one was seriously injuried. one of the carjackings happened in the denny's parking lot on williow pass road. >> reporter:concord police say at around 10-15 last night. a woman sitting in her car parked behind the restaurant was approached by a man who told her she had a gun and to get out. >> reporter:corporal christopher blakely says the victim described amaerican, between 30 and 40 years old with a salt and pepper colored beard. >> reporter:corporal blakely says the woman didn't struggle with the man, instead got out of the car. and, he drove off. >> reporter: was recovered
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on hillsborough court. the carjacker long gone. >>-- "i think this could have been an easy target, because you have the highways right here -- the next street over and it makes it an easy getaway for the suspect." >> reporter:the other carjacking was reported about three and a half hours prior. it happened in the eaves by avalon apartment complex parking lot on treat boulevard near the pleasant hill bart station. >> reporter:in that case, the contra costa county sheriff's office says two men attacked the woman shortly after she parked. one saying he had a knife. >> reporter:at some point, investigators say the woman was pepper-sprayed. before the men jumped into her car and drove off. >> reporter:now, investigators are looking for that acura sedan, with a license plate number 4-j-k- u-7-5-8. >> reporter:at this point, investigators appear these two cases are related. reminding the public to pay close attention to your surroundings. >> reporter:these crimes can happen anywhere.
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live in concord, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> catherine:thank you, phillppe >> catherine:concord police say they have a man in custody in connection with a highway shooting last month. they say joshua cano was driving the car used in the highway 242 shooting. >> catherine:it happened just before the grant street exit in thea man was injured in the shooting.and was treated at a hospital. >> catherine:a new warning tonight of possible further terror attacks in europe. grant is here with the latest on the aftermath from the brussels bombing. >> catherine:belgian authorities identified three of the four suspects in yesterday's attacks on the brussels airport at a subway train. one of them is suspected of building the bombs used in paris four months ago. and all of them were reported known to police.
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>> these are not just trained terrorist these are criminal spirit that bag that they weren't picked up even though they had wrapped sheets as you reported shows me that day are not investigating broadly creek. >> they need to accelerate their efforts to rid. >> reporter:frustration on this side of the atlantic over what seems lapses with deadly consequences. >> grant:airport suicide bomber najim laakrowee left his dna on suicide belts in paris. months before that, he was stopped at a hungarian checkpoint. and let go after he showed a fake i=d. last summer fellow bomber ibrahim el bakrowie was arrested in turkey near the
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syrian border and sent back to belgium, with a warning. but authorities did nothing. >> grant:his brother khalid. who blew up the metro train. also had a long rap sheet. the ap reported today that isis has trained 400 to 600 fighters to return to europe and carry out terror attacks. the officials say the fighters have been given orders to find the right time, place and method to carry out their missions. >> grant:with that in mind, the u=s state department has issued going overseas. >>".frankly it's just looking at the prospect that there could be additional terrorist attacks in europe. >> grant: the mother was headed to security when the
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bombs went out that night. some members was hoping for the best of fearing the worst. >> grant: alexander was on phone with her mother and the calls dropped and has not been heard of sense. family members are hoping they are was someone or in a hospital. and catherine, this is just some of the missing. >> catherine:during his visit to argentina.president obama addressed the growing concern about the terror threat being posed by isis - here and abroad. >>their primary power, in lives, is to strike fear. in our societies. to disrupt our societies." >>my top priority is to defeat isil and to eliminate the scourge of this barbaric terrorism, that's been taking place around the world. >> catherine:here in the bay
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area. candidate hillary clinton addressed stanford students today. detailing her counter- terrorism plan. >> the most urgent plan is fighting terrorist accurate thousands of recruiters have flocked to belgium and the united kingdom. mickey easy for them to cross borders and for them to turn home radicalized and battle hardened. we need to know the identities of every fighter that makes that trip and start revoking passports and visas. >> catherine:citing her experience as secretary of state, clinton says she is best qualified to lead the fight against terror return to >> where are they? then you better find out!
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>> catherine:this outburst cost a contra costa county substitute teacher his job. in this video you will only see on kron 4 he loses his the classroom over missing school supplies. >> catherine:we first brought you this exclusive video last night here at 8. >> catherine:and many of you told us on our social media channels teacher.are to blame for the behavior. >> catherine:tonight, kron 4's justine waldman spoke with the school board about what happened and what is being done in response. >> reporter:this story has created a our kron4 facebook page. grant is here with what people are saying. >> reporter: this substitute teacher stars to screen. apparently over in mixing boxed off romance carried--apparently, over in missing box of romance. --
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rubber bands >> is this that give any teacher an excuse to go ballistic. -- this does not give >> nothing out of the ordinary. i'm looking at the composer of the key is that they put up with his erratic behavior which is inexcusable. >> he cannot teach or to treat his children like this creek.. >> justine: they are investigating if he has ever done this before. >> i am curious as to what
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type of training he received to be dealing with children. >> justine: the school district is looking at better ways to bet substitute teachers and train them and better ways to deal with certain situations. >> grant:if you think that teacher was entirely out of line and'd be in the minority. >>michelle writes: kids are soooo cruel to subs!!! i'm a teacher and i've seen it first hand! they torment these teachers! no respect!! >>sandy: many teachers have to purchase school supplies for classroom use out of their own pockets. teacher probably thought a student stole or hid the box of rubber bands and maybe other school supplies. >>brenda: the teacher sets the example, and in no way do i want my kids or grandkids to think this is ok. he threatens to call security, which is what he should have done.
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>> grant: does the teacher got off the rails here? yes, but i have never been in the school situation may be the children are taunting him? meanwhile you can see why some are excusing the teachers behavior. >> catherine: are hearing from a lot of people who are teachers or friend of teachers or substitute teachers. people have really strong behavior's--strong opinions but a lot of them are talking about the behavior of children. >> catherine:coming up at 8. he's hit nearly a dozen banks. now the bearded bandit is wanted by the f-b-i >> catherine:also -- police reveal the cause behind the tour bus crash that injured more than a dozen people in san francisco and -- already plagued by system problems. why bart is facing new backlash for a move being called an "outrage".
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>> catherine:bart is also facing criticism for a one- thousand dollar bonus to be given to its employees more than 3-thousand bart workers are set to get paid. >> catherine: bart was hit with an electrical problem that damaged several. kron4
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police still reid has an update. >> reporter: shuttle trains are now in service. on the same platform to the kids bart stop. bart passengers are dealing with shuttle buses in north concord and his bart station for one week. >> the boss tried this was excellent. --buss drivers >> it was an inconvenience. that's what it was accurate >> reporter: it could cost of $400,000. --$100000
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>> is ok because when they drop you off your at the last station you did get to the pittsburgh they point and the bosses are pretty quick about that and that is what i like about it. >> reporter: bart will do extensive testing on the track no word on when trains will return to normal service. alecia reid kron 4 news. >> catherine: more than 3000 bart workers are set to get paid. >> catherine:the bonus is based on increased ridership. however -- state senator steve glazer is criticizing the move. he says the money could be the system. bart officials says it's contractually bound to pay out of that extra money >> reporter:it's part of a
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settlement following two contentious labor strikes in 20-13. >> catherine: after a lengthy investigation into the tour bus that crashed in union square last november... san francisco police and the c-h-p say they couldn't find anything mechanically wrong with the bus. >> catherine: they say the accident happened because the driver was going too fast. the crash sent 19 people to the hospital. >> catherine: police did say the driver did a good job steering the bus as it zoomed out of control... but there's no evidence that he actually stepped on the brakes. >> catherine: investigators think he might have hit the wrong pedal. >> catherine: but the driver's attorney is claiming that evidence was tampered with during the client is being wrongly blamed. >> catherine: happening tonight... >> catherine: grant? >> grant: found nowhere near its destination. about 30
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mi. off the coast. it did not make it far. and maybe toll--a navy tug boat that sank in nearly a century ago has been found by a team of government researchers off the san francisco coast. the u. ss, stow but departed san francisco bay for peru harbor and march 1921 but the boat never made it to hawaii and her 56 man crew was declared lost. the boat was never found, despite a search that covered hundreds of belt is a square miles and was the biggest air and sea search of its time. >> brittany: as we get into next week that is what i track a chance of rain showers.
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>> brittany: year is lost to expect as we go into the rest of tonight. --here is what we expect >> brittany: above average temperatures and nice and dry creek a few clouds are moving in from the north. and what weather disturbance will stay to the north of us. pressure will be consistent and sunshine derrick--as sunshine for the weekend. >> brittany: napa 62, 62 in daly city and three the forecast shows as we go into the end of the work week. we will have about 70 degree temperatures. before they drop down a bit as we head
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into easter sunday. coming up i will take a closer look at the 7 day forecast and help you plan your easter. catherine? >> catherine: to my parents come together to talk about what happened to eight young girl at school. >> gabe: you have hidden devices for the new apple. i will show you coming up at kron 4 news accurate. >> gary: will have to force later on in the broadcast. --we will have sports later on in this broadcast
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>> catherine: news tonight apple has released its new software update for iphone @ ipad spirit 9.3 and our tax tram reporter gabe slate says you should download this right away. >> gabe: study show that exposure to bright blue light like on our screen in the evening can affect our rhythm and make it hard to fall asleep. the bright blue mist of the scoring throws off the body 24 hour clock and make it feel like we should be more awake instead of getting sleep. >> gabe: automatically is
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shifting the colors and our displayed to make it warmer and more yellow. it easier on the i rise and suggest how one the light or color get and you can set the hours to activate when it issued tom off. now, you can secure the notes that come tanker most important details. you can set individual nodes to be locked with a passport or fingerprint for authentication. >> gabe: selecting the picture you want to make a copy of and press the shared a button and one of the options are duplicates and it will pop up in your camera or rope. and the new i o s 0.3 content to look at our mobile application where it is listed under gate slate attack transport --tech trends
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>> reporter: wasn't far behind me is holding more water that has since 2013 will show you the dramatic pictures coming up at eight derrick >> reporter: there is a problem and one hayward community. i'll explain then next edition of people behaving badly. don't let dust and allergies get between you
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>> we are having a situation here where people are literally parking their vehicles on the ramp. >> stanley: the residents say that the city did this for example; it goes all the way to the route. and this one was painted creek is
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stopped and started again. apparently, by mistake and this one has to know pamela l. all is almost as if a bunch of people got together and had a paint party. >> stanley: was trying to figure are attuned to pour on the people behaving badly list. for the people who do not have enough common sense to park their courage and hayward stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> catherine: the winter storm. it has been good news for the california revlon. kron4 charles clifford has been checking on the reservoir. he is at folsom lake in sacramento. >> reporter: right now i am to steady near the lake. it has been holding more water cents ahead in july 2013, it
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has the capacity of of 1 million acre-feet. right now is holding 600. with 15 percent of full capacity. the water line was three- quarters of where i am standing. this is how it looked on march 23rd and now risen back almost to the edges of the grey rock creek >> reporter: here is how it looks now. you could see it is a considerable difference. almost, halfway up the dam. the water supply is good news spirit that a popular spot for people who are out picnicking or riding their bikes. they haven't seen the was a broad field of this amount of water in years. >> be we get this up even higher. it would be great.
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>> reporter: has action been doing daily concern releases. in case it is a big storm a captures some of this runoff from the storms. but, they do not see any storms coming in the near future. so, they have actually been more in the releases and they hope to have this reservoir at full capacity by late may. near folsom lake, charles clifford kron4 news. >> brittany: good news! great if you have plans on easter because we plan to stay nice and dry in well above average with temperatures as well. as we go into the next couple of days. temperatures will continue climbing. warmer, and back to the 70 temperatures trick with a dry pattern and pressure control. with a chance of
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rain showers for monday and tuesday of next week. >> brittany: a little bit of cloudiness in certain areas. we will stay--a weather disturbance abstain to the north of buster it as we push into friday behalf while--high thin clouds. but we will stay dry. >> brittany: we will have a few changes as we head into monday and tuesday in santa rosa, 63. " so another comfortable evening for us. you are noticing it seventh arose on the mat. --you are
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noticing me it 70 on the met--map >> brittany: 63 in ocean beach. but as a bit colder depending on where you are located. either above average for the next couple of days and dropped down on sunday with 67 degrees. and a chance of rain showers lasting until wednesday. >> catherine: the attainder over the sign someone making a joke over suicide. --the anger over a sign >> catherine: and its national puppy day!
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>> catherine:a little girl in texas is being credited with saving the child is only five years old. surveillance video shows what happened. >> catherine:the mother suffered a seizure while swimming and nearly drowned. when her daughter realized something was wrong.she jumped into the water and began pulling her mother to the shallow end of the pool. >> catherine:then ran inside to get help. >>"she was really heavy, and i could only get the top part of her out, and then her other daughters ran over and helped me get her out, and so, allison was able to do that on her own. and so, it's a miracle." >> catherine:that little girl has been swimming since she was two and half.
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>> catherine:controversy is brewing in that warns drivers of "suicidal deer." indicate that deer might suddenly dash into the street. >> catherine:but it's getting some complaints - from people who distracting. and they don't see the humor in anything using the word 'suicide'.. the compromise -- the local county board will keep that sign up -- but won't add any more. >> catherine:it was launched today.and it asks undecided voters what penalty , same - sex marriage , and even the legalization of marijuana. >> catherine:then - it then tells the candidate most closely fits with their views and opinions. candidate bios are also included. tinder is hoping the new feature will get more young people to vote. >> catherine: still ahead. if you notice the the young man picture that we are going to show you appeared. wait until you see his retirement picture. >> catherine: in sports, we
8:43 pm
would take a look at how the warriors are doing. >> catherine: dawkins is not a work mont. gary will bring you the sportsman next!
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>> catherine:a routine stop for a morning a moment of prayer at a coffee stand drive-thru in oregon >> reporter: costa line employees making coffee nonstop. >> give me two more seconds. >> there you go creek had a nice day. --have >> we love people. and
8:45 pm
anytime you see someone said. it takes you five minutes to make their week or month or even their life. it is a small price to pay. >> are going to give you that loved and make you feel the joy of the two have been looking for. it is still wonderful and stills the russian. >> reporter: describe their- brothers that is more than just a place that you come get coffee. >> is not anything new. and we are not trying to get attention for it. she >> is starting to find--is starting to find something. it looks like she was just falling. >> catherine: and empathy.
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>> catherine:human empathy >> grant:sure. (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports!. >> gary: the warriors have to go to dan and two over their final 12 games to become the one team and the history of the national basketball association record season. >> gary:draymond green going 180 mi. per hour in his bmw. the video was shot from the driver's side. and never rebuilt the face of the person driving the car. another vehicle that he posted earlier, it appears
8:47 pm
that he was in the same car. has deleted this video he posted on snapchat today that appears to show him in his bmw. as the speedometer in the video is showing 118 mph >> gary:the video was shot from the driver's seat and never reveals the face of the person driving the car in another video green posted earlier he can be seen in what appears to be unclear if the footage was shot during the same ride as the 118 mph. >> gary: but playing great tonight and that seems to be the bottom line in all of these cases. >> gary: tough day! sad day for baseball fans. >> gary:legendary broadcaster joe garagiola died today at the age of 90.garagiola had a 57-year career as a sports doing the national game of the week. while also co-hosting the today show >> gary:the st. louis native left nbc in 1988 and became the angels and diamondbacks commentator until he retired in 2013 he also played nine seasons in the majors and helped his hometown cardinals win the 1946 world series as a rookie >> gary:he had been having
8:48 pm
health problems for the last few years. >> gary: pssthe really was a trailblazer >> gary: he really was a trailblazer he was a storyteller and a really cool guy. >> gary: he lived to be 90 years of age. >> gary:johnny dawkins is off the market. ucf hired the former stanford head head coach today dawkins was fired last week after finshing this season the pac 12. he spent eight seasons at stanford
8:49 pm
>> gary:a great player at duke. mike krzyzewski. and was in 1986. he played in the nba for 10 seasons. >> gary: starting the broadcast, kind of funny. before you can even say,hey. trop.. berkeley is here. he says let's talk about our friend, don and spirit if any team was a good coach that is to you get. --our friend dawkins >> gary: yes. hawkins and dawkins >> grant: you wonder if he
8:50 pm
regrets not playing--nesting at duke. as an assistant? >> grant: >> gary: tar to be at stanford with all of their academic restrictions. the ball, it is a goal. basketball? >> gary:the niners resigned nose tackle ian williams to a one-year deal. this deal replaces a five-year deal williams was given a few weeks ago the niners pulled back the the offseason. >> gary:at the nfl owner's meetings today nfl commissioner roger goodell was asked about the raiders flirtations with the cities' distinction as the gambling center of the country . the >> gary:the end of an era for yankees fans. alex rodriguez has announced. he will be retiring from baseball after
8:51 pm
the 2017 season a rod told espn. that it's be a dad >> i am hopeful that oakland will be one of those and a boy in the relocation--and, we can avoid >> gary: those hotels are not built because they wanted to be die-hard sports fan spirit they want to come and and gamble and has been your week at football games. >> gary: alex rodriguez will be retiring from baseball after the 2017 season. he set up a couple of seasons ago because he was caught in the performance enhancement drug deal. but, he is still
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hang hang in there and can play. >> catherine: hasn't really been less than a year since he has retired from tv? he really does look different. don't let dust and allergies get between you
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and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. so you can seize those moments, wherever you find them. flonase. six is greater than one changes everything.
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>> catherine: revealing and a real transformation of the late night host. boy, is he looking different >> grant: whoah! >> reporter: (laughter) >>- wow, david letterman -- is months since the late- night host did his farewell show on cbs, but he already looks quite. different. >> catherine:new photos of letterman jogging on the caribbean island of st. barts show a bald, heavily
8:56 pm
bearded guy who's almost unrecognizable as the gap- toothed jester who spent 33 years smirking at guests on national tv. noted his sudden resemblance to a certain red-suited christmas icon. >> catherine:letterman, 68, has kept mostly a low profile since retiring in may 2015. he 500, attended michael j. parkinson's disease in new york in november and then for an onstage chat at his alma mater, ball state. >> catherine: he says that he does not miss it. and he is glad to be out of it all. he thought that he would be displaced but that is not the case. >> grant: it is national pop began. most of the viewers have been sharing the photos. and this is my favorite. we have x people to send pictures and literally hundreds. >> brittany: just cute derri! (laughter)
8:57 pm
>> grant: this one too! >> catherine: that is my favorite. >> grant: that is bella >> grant: 81 to e-mail boyle to breaking the rules at kron4 dot com. --breaking news >> catherine:goodnight everyone!
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